Welcome To Pho Special

Pho is a Vietnamese noodle soup found throughout the world. The birthplace of pho is a mystery culled mostly from oral histories. While distinctly a Vietnamese dish, pho has unmistakable French and Chinese influences.

Pho Special of Wichita, KS, prepares a healthy, well-balanced broth by simmering either beef (phở bò) or chicken (phở gà) bones with savory, fresh ingredients and a “special” blend of spices for 8-10 hours. Each bowl is then carefully crafted with 100% white rice noodles and served with fresh lime, jalapenos, bean sprouts, and basil leaves. We select only the highest quality meat toppings including sirloin, flank steak, brisket, tripe, tendon, meatball, and  chicken. With all of our dishes prepared from the freshest and highest-quality ingredients, you will discover what makes “Pho Special.”

Stop by soon and find out why Phở Special is the place to be in Wichita for Vietnamese homestyle cooking!

Check out the Gluten Free and NO MSG section on the menu page!